VitaLink Coco Coir Nutrients

An advanced, yet easy-to-use coco coir formulation that is scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant results


Developed specifically for the unique properties of coco media and contains a key level of all elements

A unique 'growth' and 'bloom' formulation that means no mixing of nutrients

Reduces pH fluctuations by containing a binding compound

Maximises plant results by having hard/soft water and 'growth/bloom' formulations available


VitaLink Coir was developed with a leading UK university to contain everything your plants need for a successful, healthy life cycle when growing in coco/coir. VitaLink Coir comes in a separate growth and bloom formulation, meaning no mixing of nutrients is required – it really is simple to use!

Available in hard or soft water, please specify when ordering



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Vitalink Coir Growth 1 Litre Price £9.99
Vitalink Coir Bloom 1 Litre Price £9.99