S&P TD Silent Mixed Flow Fans

Low profile “Mixed-flow” fans with soundabsorbent insulation.....extremely quiet.

Manufactured in plastic material, with a specifically designed internal skin to direct the sound waves at the right angle for them to be captured by the sound-absorbent material.


Fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, a body that can be dismantled. Connection box can be rotated 360º, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.


The models offer solutions to ventilation problems, especially in places where people work and low sound level is required.


The fans have two speed settings (High speed and Low speed) and can be wired to suit before installation.


From £140.00
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TD100 4" 240/200 m3/h Price £140.00
TD125 5" 360/300 m3/h Price £150.00
TD150 6" 570/430 m3/h Price £210.00
TD200 8" 900/790 m3/h Price £280.00
TD200 8" 1050/790 m3/h Price £300.00
TD250 10" 1270/1070 m3/h Price £600.00
TD315 12" 1760/1500 m3/h Price £720.00