1.2m Heavy Duty Grow Kit

This 1.2m tent bundle is a compilation of the latest most advanced products available which allow you to create and maintain the perfect growing environment for your plants.




1x Lighthouse Max 1.2m Heavy Duty Grow Tent with 25mm metal poles & corners


1x 6" (150mm) Rhino Pro Carbon Filter Extraction Kit (inc. Rhino Filter, Rhino Fan, Rhino Silver Ducting & Rhino Clips)


1x Rhino 5"(125mm) Intake Fan (inc. Rhin Ducting & Rhino Clips)


1x 600w Light Kit (inc. Reflector, 600w Magnetic Ballast & 600w Grow Lamp)


1x Lumii Heavy Duty Contactor Timer


1x Pair of Lumii Rope Ratchet Light Hangers




Price £400.00